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Great Lives in Graphics: Leonardo Da Vinci

The Great Lives in Graphics series is a new way of looking at the lives of famous and influential people. It takes the essential dates and achievements of each person’s life, mixes them with lesser-known facts and trivia, and uses infographics to show them in a fresh visual way that is genuinely engaging for children and young adults. The result is a colourful, fascinating and often surprising representation of that  person’s life, work and legacy. Using timelines, maps, repeated motifs and many more beautiful and informative illustrations, readers learn not just about the main subject of the book but also about the cultural background of the time they lived in.

You may already know that Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, but did you know that he was dyslexic? Or that Bill Gates paid $30 million for one of his old notebooks? This graphic retelling of Leonardo’s story gives children a colourful snapshot of his life and the world he grew up in, while educating them on everything from the Renaissance to the magic of creativity.

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